On-Page SEO Techniques

on page seo
On-Page SEO Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization, where user optimization own website to increase rank for websites. Search Engine Optimization divides into two parts On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO.
On-Page SEO, where user implied some seo technique on his own website to increase website rank. Like Title, Meta description, Meta tag, Robots txt, Sitemap XML etc.
Off-Page SEO, where user uses some seo technique in other website to build link with his own website to increase website rank. E.g. URL submission, Directory submission, Article submission, Blog submission, Blog commenting, Classified submission etc.
But today in this blog we are going to discuss special for On-Page SEO techniques.          

On-Page SEO Techniques:-

on page seo guideline
On Page SEO Strategy

      1. Title:-

In on-page seo the most valuable thing is the page title. Through page title google crawler going to identify about the website. It is like websites is home for google & Title is door of that home, when every google crawler visiting at your home (Your website) then the crawler will get know at the door of home about website.
In have to give separate title for each and every page to increase your website in the searches.
For title characters should be between 50 to 60 characters is good enough.

You have one website through you are going to providing digital marketing service then Title should be for website “Providing Customized digital marketing service for all industry”

       2. Meta Descriptions:-

After the title, meta description play main role to explain in detail regarding your website. And in meta description you can put minimum one or maximum two meta keyword (tag) which will help you to rank your website. But many times people forget to put a unique meta description for the websites.

 During writing meta description for your website keep one thing in mind that is the length for meta description will be between 150 to 160 is good enough.

If some providing digital marketing service than meta description will be - “We are digital marketing agency providing customized digital marketing service to grow your business to the next level”.

      3. Meta Tag:-

Meta tag or meta keyword is play main during optimization your website. In the website there have n number of page then for each and every page there is necessary to put some set of key word.

Key for digital marketing agency can be –“digital marketing company, digital marketing service, internet marketing, online marketing, seo agency etc.

     4.URL Structure:-

During making website keep one thing in the mind url will be in small alphabet and when you have to use space between two word, it good if you use underscore(  _  )or hyphen( – ). In domain name or in the home page of the url, if there have keyword in the url that is a plus point as regarding SEO ranking.
And avoid to use any special Character like %,&,*,$,@ etc

You can see from this blog url structure - http://seoguidelinee.blogspot.com/2017/01/on-page-seo-techniques.html

         5. Alt-Tag Image:-

It is good if you’re using quality of the image during making website but, it will more effect on seo rank if you put an ALT-Tag for all image. Because google crawler is not able to read or see any image which had putted in your website, for the crawler understand Alt-Tag will help.
For the above image Alt-tag will be – “On page seo techniques”

     6. Sitemap XML:-

Example of Sitemap XML
Sitemap XML is a tool which is putting in website for informing to google regarding location of the page in the website. It’s the tool, where is have a list of all pages which have in the website for google to easily understandable.

      7. Use H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tag:-

Whenever you’re going to write content for a website, there must be title in H1, H2, and H3 tag. Because H1, H2, and H3 tag google consider more as compare than other and generally H1 is using for the main heading in website.

        8. Robots Txt:-

robots txt
Example of  Robots Txt

Robots Txt is the file where it is telling to the search engine from where website are ready to get done crawling process for the indexing. It’s the root file which is helping to give direction during the crawling active. It’s also using to stop search engine indexing.

       9. Website Content:-

In the website there is need to have a quality of content and content is also first-hand content, If you had copied some content from another website and paste in your website that will not work to get ranking in google.
In the website “content” is a “King” for ranking and you can also put the keyword in the content. Keyword length should be maximum 2 to 3 % of whole content.

If you want to contribute any suggestions and if you have any enquiry regard the post that thing just mention in comment, I’ll get back to you.   


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